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or•gan•ik (ôr-gnk)  cre•a•tive (kre-a-tiv)

1. natural correlation of art, design, photography & woodworking

Organik Creative is a visual solutions company located in the DFW area. We create custom fine art, and graphic imagery that is space specific and one of a kind for residential and commercial interiors.

Organik Creative collaborates with our clients to come up with the best possible solution for any design on any budget. Our creative services include:  Space specific abstract & mixed media art, wall paper & murals, canvas gallery wraps, custom lighting as well as other design & photography services.

Finding the perfect piece to complete your design can be time consuming and unpredictable. With variables such as size, color, subject, mood and clients taste, it is sometimes impossible to find art that will satisfy all that the space requires. We simplify the process of finding the most ideal piece for your client by creating each piece custom to your design!

Have an unusual color or shade you are trying to incorporate? Bring in your fabric swatches or paint chips and well alter or create a piece to coordinate perfectly with other elements in your room.

With a wide variety of media and substrates, our archival prints are sure to bring joy and life to the spaces you design for many years to come. The combination of our high quality inks, media and laminates ensure that the art you receive from us will retain its original integrity and continue to represent you and your design as beautifully as the day it was hung.

Unlike many art studios, we do not restrict you to standard sizes, so you are free to design for the space, not a frame.


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